I often find myself encouraging people to express themselves, to go for their dreams, to overcome false humility and to boldly “arise and shine” (Isaiah 60:1). I’m a firm believer that every individual is a gift to the world filled with insights and grace to offer as a contribution to society. By holding back what God has stored within us, we fail to live up to our fullest potential and we fail to glorify Him optimally.

While encouraging a friend to share his passion and talents with the world around him more, I realized I was being a bit hypocritical. I have generally slacked off in sharing my own love for writing (and communicating in general) with the public, mostly because I have been waiting for some time when I will feel more qualified for the task. Well, I decided to stop that. I want to practice what I preach.

Thus this blog was born.

I hope to update it often as a discipline in learning to put myself “out there” more. Feel free to check back regularly to hold me accountable to that goal.

Thanks for reading!

– Destin

Saint Louis, MO