Repost: Free Verse Poetry

The following is one of my favorite poems that I’ve written. It was previously posted on an older blog of mine.

“Listen to Me”

You have so much worth and value
Can you fathom how much you mean to me?
I look into the windows of your eyes
And inside is an endless realm of beauty
Just waiting to be explored
I tell you this over and over
Still resistance is all I receive

Now your face is downcast
Your countenance – guarded, hurting
You’re trying so hard to prop up those walls
To ward off anything that could end your poverty
Presenting an air of cool confidence
You claim you’re working through your issues
But your hours are spent wallowing in pity
Rationalizing despair and hiding from all who care for you

Please, join me
Help me in fighting for yourself
Welcome the hand of grace
Let it into the deeper place

I long to search out the gold within your heart
To help you uncover all that’s buried inside
Just stop holding onto the ghosts that haunt you
Let truth be the guide of your life

I will not stop
I will not give up
If I have anything to say about it
You will find hope
You will find love
Because you belong with me

Open up, I plead
Give me ear
Let winter come to an end
The Kingdom is coming near
It’s at hand
Just reach out
And I’ll take the lead

Trust me
And believe
I’m right here
And I’ll never leave
No, you are loved
And you always will be

Will you just listen to me?