Excommunication: A ‘Boundaries’ Issue

     Once again my hero Johnny Crowder is producing top-notch content!

     Have you ever wondered why 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 encourages believers to practice excommunication? I know that I have often questioned myself how excommunication can play a role in the Church when we are called to be ambassadors of a God who is loyal to us despite our gravest failings.

     Lately though I’ve been hearing some great teaching about this subject, which places biblical excommunication in the category of practicing healthy relational boundaries. Crowder breaks this down in a very thorough way, and I think his wisdom brings a lot of clarity to the listener. This is an especially important topic to tackle for those of us who are called to offer leadership within a context focused heavily on ministry.

     And for postmoderns who are generally under the consensus that “anything goes,” this helps provide somewhat of a corrective to our moral relativism.

     Consider what John-in-Amish-Garb has to say!

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