There’s an ache
It won’t go away
I carry it
Or it carries me
And the heart bleeds

(Can they see it?)

Years it’s been now
The reasons change with time
Is it their fault?
Or have I brought this on myself?
Carved space for what does not belong?

Do I like the pain?
There is a certain reward
At least I know I can feel
I’m alive
Enough to hurt, that is

But still it seems foreign
An intrusion
Always unresolved
Always distracting

Some say embrace it
Aim the longing at Resurrection
Call out “Maranatha”
Until all tears are wiped away

Others say resist
Stand up
Accept no apathy
This is not abundance
This is not your portion

So I try it all
To no avail
Wondering if I’m at fault

Welcome or not
The ache persists
And blood yet leaks
Ever crying out
Heal me.

Answers remain


— Destin Michael