Behold the Seedling

When you compare a seedling to a full grown tree, the two may appear to be quite different. One may have a grand trunk, roots that spread wide beneath the earth, massive branches that provide great shade, and countless leaves or even fruit to offer. The seedling, however, might be weak, bare, flimsy, unimpressive and easy to be trampled down. Yet the seedling is by no means any less a “real” tree than the bigger one. They carry the same complete genetic coding.

We are like that seedling. We need constant nurturing, maturing and ongoing growth… The truest thing about us, however, is not in what we are still seemingly lacking. It is that we are in union with the Holy One. He has already set us apart as His own and repetitively called us righteous “saints” all throughout the New Testament (62 times, in fact).

This is the core of who we are, the very essence we’ve been given… And nothing was required for us to produce it ourselves!

Your True Name is Stardust

Once I had a dream where I heard a voice tell me my true name was not actually Destin, but rather “Stardust.” I woke up and intuitively sensed I was being reminded that I am yes, mere dust — but also something more heavenly.

Since then, I have actually come across several different spiritual teachers who use the metaphor of “stardust” to describe our true identity. We were formed from the materials of our planet, but according to science our planet is made of the stars. We are but ashes which shall return to ashes (Ecclesiastes 3:20), and yet we are “born from above” (John 3:3). We are “vessels of clay” (2nd Corinthians 4:7) and also “partakers of the divine nature” (2nd Peter 1:4). Sons of man and sons of man’s Maker. Mortals carrying eternity in our hearts… Flesh animated with Spirit.

We are earthly, but with a bit of a celestial quality.

In Christ, this is true of all of us. We must learn to embrace our messy humanity along with our God-given glory. Our frail frames are awe-inspiring temples of the Divine. We have greatness inside of us, even while continuing to be real, normal, everyday people with the most basic limitations and needs. These two realities are not in conflict. Jesus embodied them both in harmony. By His grace, so can we.

Don’t shy away from your unavoidable averageness.
And don’t forget you are a wonder to behold.