#AsburyRevival Observations

A few weeks ago I was listening to Lindy Conant’s song “Another Wave.” She sang the lyrics, “Here comes another wave of revival. Can you feel the earth shaking? The time has now begun!” As I listened, there was a freshness to the song. I sensed the Spirit was underscoring the words of the song, saying, “I know you kind of believe this, but I’m serious. Here comes the next wave. Pay attention.” 

I’m so impressed by what I see and hear is happening in Asbury lately. I hope to visit soon if the gathering continues, but I’ve been observing a lot already from afar. And a few things about this move of the Spirit are really standing out to me…

1. I love that God chose to show up and move so dramatically outside of my own (more wildly Charismatic) tribe. None of us have “a corner on the market” for the activity of the Spirit, including those of us who might sometimes think we are most actively pursuing it. God insists on pouring out His Spirit where He wills – on “all flesh.”

2. I love that God did not pass up the Methodist world. Even with the pain and division the UMC experienced over the last few years, God sovereignly picked a school in the Wesleyan Holiness tradition to be the focal point of this move. He is so kind to show His devotion to kindling their flame, in the midst of much uncertainty about the future of Wesleyanism in America. It’s an example of His commitment to us all.

3. Zach Meerkreebs’ original sermon in the chapel service on February 8th was all about Romans 12. It was a call to a deeper commitment to boundary-crossing love. Relational reconciliation seems to be a big theme of this revival so far. And it’s been beautiful to hear that people from multiple denominations, political affiliations and even sexual minorities are throwing themselves into this outpouring together. There seems to be a conscious effort being made to keep this movement free from factional agendas.

4. Lastly, it’s precious to me to see how Hughes Auditorium basically spontaneously turned into a 24-hour house of prayer over night. This revival is all about extensive encounter, or “sitting before the bonfire of Jesus’ affections” – as I’ve heard Meerkreebs say. I like to think it is a token of the “tabernacle of David” reality being restored in the earth.

5. (This one was added after this post’s original publication…) Also, how cool is it that the Spirit caught all of our attention in this way through a school named after one of the original circuit riders (Francis Asbury)? That’s got to be an epic prophetic encouragement to the modern day Circuit Riders, who travel from campus to campus seeking to bring revival fire to Generation Z.

God is good. He is invested in giving His people fresh hope!