At The Table


I spent so many years hungering, thirsting

Searching, reaching…

Striving after the manifest Presence

Getting my appetite whet

But living discontent

And wearing my restlessness

as a badge of honor.


…Until I just stopped

I gave up

And instead started feasting

Drinking to my full.

I began to learn what it means

to be satisfied.

Actually satisfied.


Now when I find myself feeling empty

And longing

I tend not to cry out in hunger

I tend not to beat the sky with my fists

I tend not to fan the flames of desperation.

I get up and sit at the Table

Where the banquet is available

Where the wine is always poured out

And simply enjoy

what is mine for the taking.


I recall there is a well within me

Connected directly

to the River in Heaven

With waters that never run dry

And I let it bubble forth

With fresh revelation

Of what’s ever unchanging and true…


I am in union

I shall not be in want

And the new experience

Today’s encounter

Is live-streaming right now

If I’ll just tune in.


And sometimes

When I forget

When reality becomes altogether skewed

Love wraps His hands around my face

And firmly, yet gently

Lifts my gaze to meet His own.


I am reminded

of the fire in His eyes

The delight

The desire

The oceans of bliss

And He does all the work

To sweep me off my feet again.


So I realize I’m still at the Table.

I’m still in the River.

I’m still a living spring.

My Bridegroom is still pleased.

And He’s still closer than the air I breathe.