The Blessing Goes Viral

I keep seeing more stories about this song and I LOVE IT.

On March 10th Johnny Enlow wrote on his Facebook, “This song [The Blessing — then just released on YouTube] will be played from sea to shining sea and will gain major traction even outside the church.” It clearly was the right song “for such a time as this”… When it hit Itunes, it immediately became the number 1 song on the platform for ALL genres (see here).

Now The Blessing is gaining attention on various news outlets. It truly is being sung from sea to shining sea — a prophetic declaration over these cities and nations.

Check out these EPIC videos of diverse worshippers gathering online from across the globe to sing God’s heart over their homelands. It’s more viral than Corona 😜 Gives me chills almost every time I watch it…

South Africa:

Betterland Intl.:

Orlando, FL:

The UK:

Selena Gomez:

Pittsburgh, PA:

and Latin America

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