r e a l i t y

In darkness I fall asleep

Restless I may be

But I sink into your embrace

And dream within your heart

I awake, and new mercies greet me

And it happens over and over

Night after night

Morning after morning

From glory to glory


You meet me in my rising

You catch me in my falling

In my highs and my lows

Mountain tops and valleys

Your presence is inescapable


When I’m soaring, you are everywhere

When I make my bed in Hell

Again, I find nothing but you there

In ecstasy, in sublime delight,

And when I land at rock bottom

This Spirit remains the ground of my being

The surprise of your voice, never ceasing


In trusting

In clarity

In doubt

In wandering

At every turn

In every season

I am not alone


Encounters at my right

Signs upon my left

Surely goodness follows me




There is no more reaching for Heaven

Heaven’s grip is firm on me

There is no more seeking infilling

I’m in you and you’re in me

I’m as full as I will ever be

It’s an everyday discovery


There is no veil between us

No walls

No offense or separation

Grace has cleared my vision

And more and more I see

You are Immanuel


This is my breath

This is my life

This is my confidence

My deepest conviction

I am in Union

I’m caught up in Trinity

This is my daily bread

My eternity


Thank you for nearness

Thank you for here-ness

I recognize

I receive

And I live in appreciation




I am yours

And you are mine

And this is love

This is


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