Security in the Midst of Uncertainty

     I became convinced years ago that sin plays absolutely no role in defining my identity before God. When He looks at me, He calls me “perfect” — and He is not a liar. I may still have a ton of growing to do, and I may sin in more ways than I even notice sometimes. Nevertheless, none of that changes who I am at the core of my being. I am a child of God, a saint, the righteousness of God in Christ. I am holy and clean.

     My best friend Jackson reminds me that Christ’s righteousness has been both imputed to me (covering my sins when I fall) and imparted to me (infused into my very being). In other words, I am intrinsically good because of the blood of the Lamb — even if I am still learning how to imitate Christ in my behavior and thought life. Further, there is an Advocate who stands on my behalf if I do make bad decisions in the meantime.

     All of this essentially means that nothing about who I am or what I do can interfere in my access to the Presence of God. I have been brought into an eternal relationship with the Holy One, by no effort of my own. And He keeps me there.

     In other words, there isn’t anything that can separate me from the love of God. In any sense.

     Becoming convinced of all of this was a process that took me about three or four years, starting around 2008. It was by far the biggest discovery I’d ever made (and it was actually something I fought a lot at first). Through numerous Christian leaders from various camps, and through much biblical study, I eventually caved into accepting the joyous reality that I really am already, presently, fully dead to sin. (It turns out Paul was right! — see Romans 6). Beyond this, I am in unbroken union with God, and He is not threatening to withdraw from me any time soon.

     All of this set the stage for so many other changes in my worldview…

     Since that seismic shift in my understanding of things, I have re-analyzed and changed my stance on so many doctrines that I never thought I would even consider another perspective on. In hindsight, I realize that so much of what I used to believe (and act out) was absolutely ridiculous and also harmful in its effects. I could never have repented though if I did not first realize how pure God says I am and how safe I am in His loyal love. Why? Well, I used to think that if I got too “deceived” I would somehow loose God’s commitment to me. That made questioning a lot of things about my worldview unthinkable.

     I want to encourage you, if you (like so many believers going through a “deconstruction” journey these days) are wrestling with major doubts, questions, and new ideas about the nature of all things — God is with you. He’s is for you. He’s not going anywhere.

     Ask your questions. Be open to new possibilities. Be honest with yourself and with others about what you are re-considering. Just remember the basics of the Gospel that will keep you grounded;

     You have been made new.

     God likes you.

     Jesus is your righteousness.

     He is faithful and unchanging.

     You are secure.

     If you can cling to those simple truths, they will provide you great stability in the midst of great uncertainty. You will feel free to make mistakes, to be confused, to disagree… and to still belong.

     For it remains true…

     You have died, and your life is [even] now hidden with Christ in God.

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