Speaking Up in A Polarized World

As Christians, how do we both fulfill our role to be peacemakers and to boldly speak the Truth in the face of resistance?

In today’s society, people are so polarized between strikingly different perspectives on what is right and what is wrong. During the election season last year I had friends on both the Left and the Right talking as if the other sides’ candidate might be the anti-Christ and might want to put masses of people in concentration camps. Both sides really believed this was a threat. It can be VERY intimidating in this type of context to try to share your perspective with someone who is passionately devoted to a viewpoint opposing your own.

How does one implement the biblical notion of “speaking the truth in love” in such a culture this divided by hostility?

The following are a few resources I have found to provide helpful counsel for approaching the landmine of political/social/theological conversations in this day and age. I would encourage anyone who is seeking to mature in the ability to handle these tense situations in a Christ-like manner to explore the following list of materials.

Note: You will notice that some of these resources deal directly with Trump’s election or other hot-button issues. I do not always agree with all of the stances held by people in these various forms of media. I DO value and learn from their approach to walking in civility, however. I would highly recommend all believers learn from the posture they take.


The Resources:

How to Have Better Political Conversations by Robb Willer

8 Tips for Talking to Your Family About Trump by Christina Cleveland

Pluralism Doesn’t Mean Relativism by John Inazu

10 Reasons to Be Humble Toward Opponents by Andrew Davis

How to Avoid Being An Ass While Telling the Truth by Mike McHargue

The Thing in the Air | Part 1 – Our Body by Rob Bell

Four Tips to Disagree Well by Jacob T. Murphy

The Sermon on the Mount by Jesus of Nazareth

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