3 Resources for Addressing Abortion

    How are forward-thinking followers of Christ to tackle the subject of abortion? Should we take a specific stance in accordance with our passion for human rights? If so, how do we take a position that genuinely humanizes all parties who are being affected by our culture’s debates on this topic?

     The following are a few resources I have found especially helpful in shaping my own perspective on this issue. Through them I have been encouraged to yes, seek to be “pro-life,” but in the process to make sure that I am not merely “anti-abortion.” Further, I have learned to see some of the serious errors made in accepting the assumptions we have to hold when we are sympathetic to keeping abortion legal.

     I pray that you will consider all of this information, as I believe progress in the fight for social justice is greatly determined by the decisions our generation makes to support pregnant women and their preborn offspring.

  • First, listen to this talk at Google by human rights advocate Stephanie Gray. She gives a lot of great reasoning and logic for how to sort through this controversy and come to clear conclusions.

  • Second, this recent article from Relevant gave an excellent, very respectful approach to the debate, encouraging both empathy for those with unwanted pregnancies and a respect for Scripture’s counsel.

Reflections on My Conversation With an Abortion Provider

  • Lastly, this piece in Christianity Today helps one see why this cause is so central and prioritized in our mission of fighting for the underprivileged in our society.

In Defense of Pro-Life ‘Hypocrisy’: Analogies between abortion and other “life issues” are shakier than we sometimes suppose.

    Altogether, I believe these thought-leaders’ contributions to this discussion can help us form a more sincerely compassionate and firm stance on the side of all humanity. 

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