Media Digest 1/18/18

     A great deal of what I like to post on this site is media content from other providers whose work I found impressive or helpful. I consume so much media on a regular basis, and I love to share the highlights of what I am finding. I don’t feel like an article or podcast or video is fully appreciated until it is shared. And, for one reason or another, I don’t want to post it all on my social media accounts.

     That said, I’ve decided I will occasionally make a single post sharing some of the best media content I have read, watched or listened to lately. Some content might still deserve a review in its own post in order to highlight it, but that will be on special occasions.

     Feel free to check these “Media Digests” out for great places to turn for thoughtful, edifying material to study or entertain your mind with!

     So far this week…

  • Bruxley Cavey on “Hell”

     A friend introduced me to this YouTube channel featuring a pastor named Bruxley Cavey. I was really impressed with him in these two episodes on the topic of “Hell.” Bruxley reexamines what Scripture has to say about how we define Hell, and he gives a very well-argued case against believing in eternal conscious torment. 

     I feel like Bruxley brought a lot of knowledge to the table concerning this topic that I had never considered before….

  • “The Dr. King You Never Knew”

     Attorney Breanne Palmer wrote a great article in honor of Dr. King that was published on Relevant Magazine’s website. The article brings a good reminder that, though we do seek pure and peaceful means for societal transformation, this does not mean we run from being seen as a “trouble maker.” King, a model reformer, was very confrontational in his pursuit for justice. This is what is required to really follow through on what we have conviction about.

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Excommunication: A ‘Boundaries’ Issue

     Once again my hero Johnny Crowder is producing top-notch content!

     Have you ever wondered why 1st Corinthians Chapter 5 encourages believers to practice excommunication? I know that I have often questioned myself how excommunication can play a role in the Church when we are called to be ambassadors of a God who is loyal to us despite our gravest failings.

     Lately though I’ve been hearing some great teaching about this subject, which places biblical excommunication in the category of practicing healthy relational boundaries. Crowder breaks this down in a very thorough way, and I think his wisdom brings a lot of clarity to the listener. This is an especially important topic to tackle for those of us who are called to offer leadership within a context focused heavily on ministry.

     And for postmoderns who are generally under the consensus that “anything goes,” this helps provide somewhat of a corrective to our moral relativism.

     Consider what John-in-Amish-Garb has to say!

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John Crowder on “The Shack”

If you’ve followed me on social media in the past it might be no surprise to you that I’m a huge fan of the YouTube-speaker John Crowder. He always gives a fantastic articulation of the Good News. It gets me so stoked!

I will probably be posting John’s videos here fairly often, because when they come out it is often one of the biggest highlights of my day. And I love sharing things that I love.

Check out this video John published recently about something else I’m a big fan of — The Shack. 

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