The following piece is by a friend of mine, Ericka Goss. You might say it is a free-verse poem. I think it flows beautifully with the them of God’s nearness that fills so many of my own posts… Enjoy!

You are yellow.

Bright and teasing, you are the early morning sun hitting dew soaked grass.

You are the child’s screech of delight as they run through the sprinkler.

You are the overwhelming brightness of a beach at noon, illuminating everything.

You are blue.

Able to still my heart and calm my fears, you are like a quietly moving stream.

You are the cool breeze that rifles through my hair and kisses my cheek, reminding me that you are there.

You are orange.

You are the sky with the setting sun, blurring everything in your warmth.

You are the gentle glow of the campfire on an evening surrounded by loved ones.

Familiar and comforting.

You are red.

Like the warm blood rushing through my veins, you sustain me.

Your love whispers through the trees and smiles out at me from the flowers of the field.

You are gray.

You are a stronghold in times of trouble, mighty as a mountain.

Your strength thunders from the storm clouds and echoes through the ravine.

I look at all you have made and tremble.

But still, you are yellow.

You are a baby’s first laugh.

You are the bubbles in my chest about to burst after a joke.

You are the warmth of a loved ones hug, the tingle down my spine as I catch someone’s eye.

You are the stars in the sky twinkling gently over my friends as we gaze up at them.

You are…


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