You Are Not What You Contribute

You are not what you contribute.


I know the world tells you the opposite. Every social media influencer, every motivational speaker, every “creative” and “thought leader” repeatedly puts out the same message. They assert that you’ve got to get your grind on and contribute SOMETHING to the world today in order to make your life meaningful. But it’s actually not true.

If you were an infant, a child with severe down syndrome, an elderly person in a coma, or even just a full-time janitor who no one ever noticed — guess what? Your life would still be significant. That’s because your personal value is not based on the sum of change that you create. You are infinitely loved for who you ARE, not what you do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to create. I love to encourage others to release the powerful energy within them too, for the betterment of the communities around them. I genuinely believe we all have something special to offer in some form or fashion that can bless and benefit others. We’ve got to keep in perspective though that all of that is the overflow of who we already are. It is not what defines who we are. Our value does not increase based on how much positivity we are exuding or how much good content we materialize. We are valuable because of the divine beauty seeded within us, whether or not it is ever fully seen for what it is by society.

So yes, go make your impact. Go share your voice and give people tons of inspiration. Be love, even as you are loved. But feel free to take plenty of time to just breathe and to just receive unmerited grace too. You don’t have to crank something out to be important. You matter just as much when you are sleeping as when you are touching lives and killing it at fulfilling your calling.

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